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Fantastic Mr Fox




Fantastic Mr Fox Book Quiz


Put you knowledge of the book 'Fantastic Mr Fox' to the test by completing the quiz below. When finished you might want to try your hand at one of our other book quizzes.



1. How many children does Mr Fox have?
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four


2. What are the names of the three wicked, cruel and dim-witted farmers?
  • Boggis, Bumps and Bean
  • Boggis, Bunce and Bean
  • Boggis, Bunts and Bean


3. What happens when the farmers ambush Mr Fox as he leaves his burrow?
  • They shoot off his tail
  • They shoot off one of his ears
  • They miss him completely and hit a tree instead


4. What do the farmers do after their first plan failed?
  • They decide to wait for the fox to visit their farms again
  • They chase the fox out of his home with dogs
  • They dig up the Foxes' burrow using spades and then excavators


5. What sort of farmer is Boggis?
  • A duck and goose farmer
  • A chicken farmer
  • A turkey farmer


6. Why do Mr Fox and his family, and all the other underground creatures, begin to starve?
  • Because the three farmers surround Mr Fox's hole
  • Because the entrance and exit to Mr Fox's home are blocked by snow and ice
  • Because Mr Fox is too lazy to go out and look for food


7. Which of the three farmers drinks most cider?
  • Boggis
  • Bean
  • They all drink about the same


8. Where did Mr Fox's new tunnel emerge?
  • In a wood close to one of the farmer's farms
  • Under one of the three farmer's chicken houses
  • Close to a farm pond


9. Who helps Mr Fox tunnel to another farm for ducks, geese, hams, bacon and vegetables?
  • His eldest son
  • Mrs Fox
  • Badger


10. What is the name of the servant who nearly catches them?
  • Mabel
  • Matilda
  • Mary



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Selected quotes from

Fantastic Mr Fox:



"I therefore invite you all," Mr Fox went on, "to stay here with me forever."



"I think I have this thing where everybody has to think I'm the greatest. And if they aren't completely knocked out and dazzled and slightly intimidated by me, I don't feel good about myself."








"I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable, but I'm gonna ignore your advice."




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