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Five on a Treasure Island


Test your knowledge of the Famous Five story 'Five on a Treasure Island' by completing the quiz below. When finished you might want to try your hand at one of our other book quizzes.



1. Who wrote Five on a Treasure Island?
  • Arthur Ransome
  • Enid Blyton
  • Beatrix Potter


2. Where do the children usually spend their summer holiday?
  • Polseath
  • Minehead
  • Bridgwater


3. What is the name of Uncle Quentin's wife?
  • Fanny
  • Julia
  • Magda


4. Who is the youngest of the children?
  • Julian
  • Anne
  • Dick


5. Where are their parents' spending the summer?
  • With the children
  • In Scotland
  • In Cornwall


6. What is the dog called?
  • Ginny
  • Timothy
  • Shandy


7. What do they use to make a fire?
  • Some plastic waste they find on the beach
  • Sticks dropped by birds
  • Old newspapers found in a cave


8. How do they break the box open?
  • Using a hammer
  • By throwing it from a high window
  • By levering open the hinges with a screwdriver


9. Which two children are locked in the dungeon?
  • Julian and George
  • Dick and Julian
  • George and Dick


10. What is the name of the island?
  • Lundy Island
  • Puffin Island
  • Kirrin Island



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An excerpt from Five on a Treasure Island:


"What about Quentin's?" suddenly said Daddy. Quentin was his brother, the children's uncle. They had only seen him once, and had been rather frightened of him. He was a very tall, frowning man, a clever scientist who spent all his time studying. He lived by the sea - but that was about all the children knew of him!









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