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George's Marvellous Medicine




George's Marvellous Medicine Book Quiz


Test your knowledge of the book 'George's Marvellous Medicine' by completing the quiz below. When finished you might want to try your hand at one of our other book quizzes.



1. How old is George?
  • Eight
  • Nine
  • Ten


2. What is Charlie's last name (surname)?
  • Banksy
  • Kranky
  • Manky


3. Who says she likes to eat insects?
  • His Mother
  • His Aunt
  • His Grandmother


4. What colour is the original medicine?
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Red


5. What is used to colour the medicine?
  • Polish
  • Hair dye
  • Paint


6. Where does George find the gin?
  • In the kitchen
  • In the garage
  • In the laundry room


7. What part of George's Grandmother catches fire?
  • Her hair
  • Her bottom
  • Her belly


8. What does George test his medicine on next?
  • Chickens
  • A cat
  • Pigs


9. Where does his Grandmother sleep after being moved from the house?
  • In a tent
  • In the barn
  • In the garden


10. Which batch of medicine makes animals shrink?
  • The third
  • The fourth
  • The fifth



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Selected quotes from

George's Marvellous Medicine:



"Never grow up...always down."



"All of a sudden, George had a tremendous urge to do something about her. Something whopping. Something absolutely terrific. A real shocker. A sort of explosion. He wanted to blow away the witchy smell that hung about her in the next room."








"For a few brief moments he had touched with the very tips of his fingers the edge of a magical world."




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