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Angielski UK offers individual private lessons in English with highly qualified and experienced teachers both online and in and around Gorzów and Jelenia Góra.

A one-to-one English lesson with one of our native speakers of English offers a number of advantages over the usual group lessons offered by most language schools. There is no sitting in a 60 minute class waiting for your 5 minutes of talking time. There are no mixed levels, which means that you don't waste half an hour waiting for a student who hasn't made the effort and might not really want to be there. No more time of your time wasted by someone who has been placed at the wrong level and is unable to understand the simple question you understood instantly. Similarly, there is no chance of being made to feel inadequate by a student who has spent three years working in England and wants to 'brush up' their English. Booking a course of one-to-one English lessons with us also means that there is no waiting for your turn to ask a question, a vocabulary or grammar explanation, or to clarify the correct pronunciation of a particular word. If you have a question it will receive the 100% undivided attention of your teacher.

Lessons can be done online via skype, in your office, in a café, or in the comfort of your own home, and at a time to suit you.

Contact us via email for further information or to book a lesson.

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