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Gorzˇw Wielkopolski

Put your search skills and knowledge of the city of Gorzˇw Wielkopolski in Poland to the test by completing this online webquest quiz. There are ten questions. When finished Skype one of our online teachers with your answers. Then try some of our other quizzes aimed at students of English as a foreign or second language.


1 - Which province (voivodeship) is Gorzˇw a part of?

         (A) Wielkopolska   (B) Silesia   (C) Lubuskie   (D) Western Pomerania 

2 - What was the German name for Gorzˇw?

         (A) Landsberg   (B) Gorzew   (C) Koenigswalde   (D) Meseritz

3 - When did the Soviet Red Army troops arrive in Gorzˇw?

         (A) 25th December 1944  

         (B) 30th January 1945  

         (C) 20th February 1945  

         (D) 11th March 1945

5 - What is the approximate population of Gorzˇw (2015)?

         (A) 124,000  

         (B) 145,000  

         (C) 193,000  

         (D) 210,000

6 - How far is Gorzˇw from Berlin in miles?

         (A) About 50 miles.

         (B) Approximately 80 miles.  

         (C) Around 100 miles.

         (D) Just under 135 miles.

7 - The Gothic, red-brick Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in Gorzˇw dates back to which century?

         (A) 13th   (B) 14th   (C) 15th   (D) 16th

8 - Poland's former Prime Minister, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, was born and lived in Gorzˇw for many years. What job did he do before becoming involved in politics?

         (A) Lawyer   (B) Accountant   (C) School teacher   (D) Policeman 

9 - What is the name of the largest hotel in Gorzˇw?

         (A) Gracja   (B) Mieszko   (C) Qubus   (D) Hotel Gorzˇw 

10 - Gorzˇw Wielkopolski is sometimes described as being like Rome. Why?

         (A) They both have four river bridges.

         (B) The climate of both cities is very similar.

         (C) Because they both have nine parks.  

         (D) They are both located on seven hills.





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