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Listen to Native Speakers

In this section of the angielski dot uk website you can improve your listening skills by completing a variety of dictation or gap-fill exercises. It contains a selection of short texts being read by native speakers of English.

You can use this online resource in a number of ways:

- If you have lots of time on your hands, try writing down exactly what you hear, taking care to spell and punctuate as accurately as you can, and then compare your text with the actual text.

- Alternatively, listen carefully to each reading while you read the text and complete the missing words.

Go to the dictation exercises.

You might also like to listen to and download audio recordings of native speakers of English reading short stories, poetry, and audio books.

  ҉   A five year old girl from England.
  ҉   A seven year old boy from England.
  ҉   A teenage girl from England.
  ҉   An adult woman from England.
  ҉   An adult male from England.
  ҉   A short story for children read by a native speaker from England.
  ҉   An excerpt from a recent book. Read by a native speaker of English.
  ҉   Listen to a selection of audio books. All free!

Simply click on the links above to hear each of the native speakers of English from England. They have each recorded a poem popular with English speakers. Right click to save the audio file to your own computer and/or MP3 player.

Film based comprehension exercises.

English Words in Pictures.

Try some tongue twisters!

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