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Learn English in Frankfurt

I am a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language from the south of England and currently offer one-to-one individual lessons in and around Frankfurt Oder.

I have extensive experience teaching all ages and levels including FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, and IELTS, and am a certified Cambridge University examiner. I specialize in conversation lessons during which everything from everyday life to current affairs can be discussed. Lessons are based either on the prior reading of articles focused on the individual interests of students or fully fluid in their content. The aim of each of my English lessons is to encourage, foster, and teach complete fluency in spoken English.

Study is something of a personal passion and I have spent many years acquiring university degrees in history, archaeology, and teaching English as a second and foreign language from universities in England. I am a published author and my spare time interests include archery, cricket, rock music, and old Land Rovers. Prior to my move, in addition to writing books, I worked as an archaeologist and was the custodian of a 200 year old historic property belonging to the National Trust in England.

If you decide to learn or improve your English with me you will, I'm sure, learn more about the things I enjoy doing and love about Poland during the course of your lessons.

As well as teaching English at various locations in and around Frankfurt Oder and across the River Oder in Lubuskie I also offer online English lessons using the Skype messenger system

Feel free to send me an e-mail on any subject related to English!






English Lessons with a native speaker in Frankfurt an der Oder

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