Charles Bukowski

Read and listen to the poem 'Don't Forget' by Charles Bukowski. Listen to it being read by a native speaker of English from the south of England here.

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Don't Forget

There is always somebody or

something waiting for you,

something stronger, more intelligent,

more evil, more kind,

more durable, something bigger,

something better, something worse,

something with eyes like the tiger,

jaws like the shark,

something crazier than crazy,

saner than sane,

there is always something or

somebody waiting for you

as you put on your shoes

or as you sleep

or as you empty a garbage can

or pet your cat

or brush your teeth

or celebrate a holiday

there is always somebody or

something waiting for you.

Keep this fully in mind

so that when it happens

you will be as ready as possible.

Meanwhile, a good day to you

if you are still there ... .



Read the full version of the poem in the book: Love is a Dog From Hell.   





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