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Ashford Quiz

Using your online research skills and knowledge of Ashford in Kent try to complete this free ESL / EFL quiz. There are ten questions. When finished Skype one of our online teachers with your answers. Then try some of our other quizzes aimed at students of English as a foreign or second language.


1 - What is the approximate population of Ashford?

         (A) 65,000   (B) 75,000   (C) 85,000   (D) 95,000

2 - What river passes through the town?

         (A) Stour   (B) Medway   (C) Darent   (D) Thames 

3 - Which of these writers was born in Ashford?

         (A) J. K. Rowling   (B) Frederick Forsyth   (C) Enid Blyton   (D) Agatha Christie 

4 -  Where in Ashford can you see a First World War tank?

         (A) Railway Square  

         (B) East Square  

         (C) St Georges Square  

         (D) Chestnut Square

5 - When did Ashford School begin to admit boys as pupils?

         (A) 1898   (B) 1945   (C) 1983   (D) 2006 

6 - What happened on the 1st June 1756 in Ashford?

         (A) King George II visited the town.

         (B) There was an earthquake. 

         (C) The first Waitrose supermarket opened. 

         (D) The first cinema opened. 

7 - Roughly how far by road is Ashford from central London?

         (A) 61 km   (B) 75 km  (C) 98 km   (D) 110 km

8 - When was Ashford Rugby Football Club founded?

         (A) 1885  (B) 1895   (C) 1905   (D) 1915 

9 -  Which of these is not an Ashford pub?

         (A) Drum Inn

         (B) The White Horse Inn

         (C) The Plough Inn

         (D) The Dog and Stick Inn

10 - What is the religious denomination of Christ Church in Ashford?

         (A)   Roman Catholic   (B) Orthodox   (C) Anglican   (D) Methodist


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