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Bristol Quiz

Put your search skills and knowledge of the city of Bristol in south-west England to the test by completing this free ESL / EFL quiz. There are ten questions. When finished Skype one of our online teachers with your answers. Then try some of our other quizzes aimed at students of English as a foreign or second language.


1 - Who was the first keeper of the Ashmolean Museum?

         (A) Steven Wilson   (B) Christopher Wren   (C) Robert Plot

2 - What is the full address of the Ashmolean Museum?

3 - What is the Messiah Stradivarius?

         (A) A cello   (B) A violin   (C) A harp   (D) A hurdy-gurdy 

4 - The museum has the death mask of Oliver Cromwell on display. When did Oliver Cromwell die?

         (A) 1599   (B) 1658   (C) 1675   (D) 1701

5 - The last dodo ever seen in Europe belongs to the museum. What remains of it today?

         (A) Head and claw   (B) Feathers   (C) Legs and claws   (D) Nothing 

6 - Name two Pre-Raphaelite artists with paintings in the museum's collection?

7 - Where were Posie rings popular from the 15th through to the 17th centuries?

         (A) England and Germany   (B) England and France   (C) England and Poland 

8 - What is often described as "the most important example of Victorian painted furniture ever made"?

         (A) The Great Table   (B) The Great Table   (C) The Great Bookcase 

9 - What does the museum have that was once used by the Gunpowder Plot conspiracist Guy Fawkes?

         (A) A lantern

          (B) A hat

         (C) A watch

         (D) A dictionary 

10 - What is the name of the academy award winning animation studio based in Bristol?

         (A) Se-ma-for   (B) Aardman   (C) Artland   (D) Smallfilms


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