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Kings and Queens Quiz

Put your search skills and knowledge of the Kings and Queens of England to the test by completing this free online quiz. There are ten questions. When finished Skype one of our online teachers with your answers. Then try some of our other quizzes aimed at students of English as a foreign or second language.


1 - Who is generally considered to have been the first King of England?

         (A) Alfred   (B) Athelstan   (C) Edmund 

2 - Who was the first Tudor monarch?

         (A) Henry VII   (B) Edward VI   (C) Mary I 

3 - Who was murdered in 1327 at Berkeley Castle on the orders of his wife, Isabella?

         (A) Edward I   (B) Edward II   (C) Edward III

4 - Which king met the leader of the Peasant's Revolt, Wat Tyler, at Smithfield in 1381?

         (A) Edward III   (B) Richard II   (C) Henry IV 

5 - Who was the last Anglo-Saxon King of England?

         (A) Edward the Confessor   (B)  Harold II   (C) William I

6 - Where is Queen Elizabeth I buried?

         (A) Westminster Abbey   (B) St. Paul's Cathedral   (C) Canterbury Cathedral 

7 - Who was the first monarch to use Buckingham Palace as the official residence?

         (A) George III   (B) William IV   (C) Queen Victoria 

8 - Who was probably the most famous mistress of King Charles II?

         (A) Mary Boleyn   (B) Nell Gwynn   (C) Arabella Churchill

9 - Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife. Who was she?

         (A) Anne Boleyn   (B) Jane Seymour   (C) Catherine of Aragon 

10 - How much older was Henry VIII than his fifth wife, Kathryn Howard?

         (A) Ten years   (B) Twenty years   (C) Thirty years 


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