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Pitt Rivers Museum

Put your search skills and knowledge of the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford to the test by completing this free ESL / EFL quiz. There are ten questions. When finished Skype one of our online teachers with your answers. Then try some of our other quizzes aimed at students of English as a foreign or second language.


1 - When was the Pitt Rivers Museum opened?

         (A) 1801   (B) 1845   (C) 1884   (D) 1914

2 - Where was Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt Rivers born?

         (A) Yorkshire   (B) Somerset   (C) Kent   (D) Oxfordshire 

3 - What is the largest object on display in the Museum?

         (A) A Mammoth's skull   (B) A Totem Pole   (C) A model of a fishing boat

4 - Where do Noh (Nogaku) masks come from originally?

         (A) China   (B) Japan   (C) Burma   (D) Indonesia

5 - Where were the shrunken heads in the museum's collection collected?

         (A) Ecuador and Peru   (B) Brazil   (C) Mexico   (D) Belize 

6 - What is the 'slug on a thorn' meant to cure?

         (A) Worms   (B) Warts   (C) Allergies   (D) Earaches 

7 - When was the witch in a bottle presented to the museum?

         (A) 1865   (B) 1914   (C) 1926  (D) 1939 

8 - Who collected many of the Pacific island objects the museum has?

         (A) Captain Cook   (B) Sir Francis Drake   (C) Captain Kidd 

9 - The Mummy from Thebes 'discovered' in Egypt in 1864 is .... ....

         (A) Tutankhamun

         (B) Cleopatra

         (C) Irterau

         (D) Aniarata 

10 - Where were most of the feather cloaks on display made?

         (A) Hawaii   (B) Siberia   (C) Finland   (D) Brunei


pitt rivers quiz

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