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Stonehenge Quiz

Put your search skills and knowledge of Stonehenge in the south of England to the test by completing this webquest quiz. There are ten multiple choice questions. When finished Skype one of our online teachers with your answers. Then try some of our other quizzes aimed at students of English as a foreign or second language.


1 - Where in England is Stonehenge located?

         (A) Somerset   (B) Wiltshire  (C) Dorset  

2 - When is it estimated that construction began on Stonehenge?

         (A) 3100 B.C   (B) 1900 B.C   (C) 1100 B.C 

3 - Which religion in particular celebrates solstices?

         (A) Christians   (B) Pagans   (C) Buddhists 

4 - Stonehenge was designed to coincide with what two events?

         (A) The midsummer sunrise and the midwinter sunset. 

         (B) The spring equinox and the midwinter sunset. 

         (C) The midsummer sunset and the midwinter sunrise. 

5 - Approximately how far are the bluestones believed to have been moved?

          (A) 25 miles   (B)   140 miles   (C) 290 miles 

6 - How many stone circles can be found in the British Isles?

          (A) Less than ten   (B)  Approximately 200   (C) More than 900 

7 - Roughly how many people visit Stonehenge every year?

         (A) Half a million   (B) One million   (C) Two million 

8 - Stonehenge is a _______________  monument.

         (A) Megalonitic   (B) Megapathic   (C) Megalithic

9 - Who did the twelfth century historian Geoffrey of Monmouth claim that Stonehenge was built by?

         (A) The Devil   (B) Merlin the Wizard   (C) Aliens 

10 - In what movie does someone accidentally reverse his car into Stonehenge and knock all of the stones down?

         (A) National Lampoon’s European Vacation 

         (B) Hot Fuzz

         (C) Carry On England


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