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Test your knowledge of English by answering the questions below.

Select an answer from the list of options.
Your score can be seen at the end of the test.

1. How many people in your class?    

2. What time is it?    

3. I wake up at 7 o'clock morning.    

4. How much where you live?    

5. Where are you going Saturday?    

6. help me with my homework?    

7. What in Lagow on Sunday?    

8. Is your English improving?    

9. I'm going to Lidl some food.    

10. Lubniewice is probably the most attractive town .    

11. Dorota probably isn't Anna.    

12. Hania was nordic walking when I her yesterday.    

13. Last Friday I to the town hall.    

14. What were you doing last night at 10pm? I TV.    

15. What time to bed?    

16. Do you like Szczecin? Yes, .    

17. I'm afraid I haven't got .    

18. This pen is mine and that pen is .    

19. Would you mind me the scissors?    

20. I live in Barlinek now. I to Gorzów for a long time.    

21. I don't understand. What language  ?  

22. He moved to Poland .    

23. My mother never out in the evenings.    

24. Gorzów?    

25. car is the blue Land Rover?    

26. I'm sorry. I haven't done my homework .    

27. My girlfriend doesn't speak German. I don't .    

28. That's the house    

29. If    

30. She asked me how big .    

31. My girlfriend let her car yesterday.    

32. , what would you spend it on?    

33. I smoking last year, but I didn't.    

34. I'm the play on Friday.    

35. I'm not psychology in Wrocław.    

36. The film was great. It's .    

37. I have difficulty English.    

38. When I lived in England, I a lot of tea.    

39. I wish Polish.    

40. What will you do when studying?    

41. The Mayor the new school yesterday, but it still isn't finished.    

42. I'd rather English than Spanish.    

43. No sooner in through the door than the phone rang.    

44. We're having dinner at .    

45. If he hadn't known the owner, he the job.    

46. I'd sooner a house than a flat.    

47. I need to go to bathroom.    

48. It's time some work.    

49. It's now 11 o'clock and the train arrive at 10:25.    

50. We regret that the course has been cancelled.    

Your score is:




Your knowledge of English grammar is basic.


Your knowledge of English grammar is approximately B1 level.


Your knowledge of English grammar is approximately B2 level.


Your knowledge of English grammar is approximately C1 level.


Your knowledge of English grammar is approximately C2 level.




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